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The lovely little people!

Below is some information on the children being cared for within the All Nations Mozambique house. If you think you would like to support one of our children through sponsorship, please contact us.


The cost of sponsorship is £20 per month, which contributes towards food, care, clothing and medicine for the child.  Project Moz sends every single penny of your £20 sponsorship to care for these children.



Birthday: 26th February 2006                      

Arrived: June 2006




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Birthday: 21st April 2007

Arrived: August 2008




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ricardo best clothes Ricardo


Ricardo 3

Age 3

Age 5

Age 7

Ricardo arrived at the babyhouse in July 2006. His mother had died of AIDS and his grandmother was too poor to be able to care for him- she had to feed him rice water as she was unable to buy formula. She brought Ricardo to All Nations and asked them to look after him. When Ricardo arrived he was tiny for his age, fitting into newborn clothes.  


Ricardo is now a happy, healthy little boy. He is a talkative, friendly child, and loves playing with all the older children in the babyhouse.






Age 1

Felipe jpeg

Age 4

Felipe smiling Felipe

Age 6

Felipe arrived at All Nations on the 21st August 2008. He is one of the babies that we know the least about, as he was brought by social welfare, who only told us that he had been abandoned on the street.

For the first few weeks of his stay at All Nations, he showed no interest in being held or cuddled, and he avoided eye contact with both adults and the other children.


Felipe is now a very happy, healthy young boy who is very popular with his friends at All Nations.  He is quiet and conscientious, and tries his best at school.

by Libby

Thank you!






Age 3

Age 7

Age 8

hawa poorly Hawa 1 hawa birthday

Birthday: 5th September 2005                      

Arrived: May 2008



Hawa was born in 2005 in a town near Maputo, Mozambique’s capital. Her mother, Felizmina, was 20 years old when she gave her daughter to the babyhouse. At that time she already had three children (Hawa, aged three, and a five and one year old), and had watched her husband die of Aids. Unlike her brothers, Hawa was very sick and extremely malnourished when her mother brought her to the babyhouse, weighing just nine kilograms (see picture). She was too weak to walk and her hair was yellow instead of black.


Hawa is now a happy and healthy young girl. She tries hard at school and loves playing with the older girls at the house, and her best friend Dudu.







Age 2

Age 3

Age 6

dene 5 dani jpeg dene smile (2)

Birthday: 1st March 2007                      

Arrived: 29th May 2009



Dene was brought to All Nations by Social Welfare after his father was put in jail for stealing, and Dene was left with no one to care for him.


Dene is a real character, always full of energy.  He is really good friends with Ricardo and Paulo, and likes getting into mischief with them.  He can seem quite shy at first, but it won't take long for him to flash his cheeky smile at you!  

by Achim

Thank you!






Age 2

Age 3

Age 6

Birthday: 10th July 2005                      

Arrived: 11th November 2006



Telma arrived at All Nations when she was about eighteen months old. Sadly her Mother died from Aids, and Telma suffers with ongoing health issues. A volunteer found her in the hospital where she was being treated for malnutrition. Initially she really struggled with her health and although she still needs to see the doctor for regular check ups, she is well and happy in herself.


At the age of three she was still thin although she was eating ‘plumpy nut’ (a prescribed nutritional peanut butter) and anything else she could get her hands on. One day they found her eating toilet cleaner and a few hours later she stole three bits of raw fish. But this seemed to have little effect on her!


She can be very shy around new people, but when she gets comfortable she becomes very cuddly and smiley. She has a deep husky voice, a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh!

telma little telma school Thelma 2

Birthday: 13th December 2004                      

Arrived: September 2005







Age 5

Age 7

Age 9

by Sian

Thank you!



Quiteria was born the 13th of December 2004, and sadly her mother died of the caesarian during her birth. Her grandparents had her to live with them, but since they are very poor, they couldn't afford to continue caring for her. So Quiteria joined All Nations in September 2005.


Quiteria takes it upon herself to report any events in the house. Whenever something happens, she will be the one who knows all the details and will enjoy reporting back to the educators in detail! She is a helpful and joyful little girl, who likes to be involved in whatever action is going on in the house. She recently visited her grandparents, who were really happy to see her.


In January 2010, Quiteria and three of her friends started attending the local school.  She wants to be a Doctor when she grows up!

quiteria 3 quiteria 2 (2) quiteria

by Cilla, Malcolm & Chris

Thank you!





Age 1 month

Age 1

Birthday: January 2013                      

Arrived: February 2013



Umar was abandoned by his mother with his 13 year old brother Mohammed. Mohammed is living in a community and someone in the community is taking care of him, but Mohammed cannot take care of his newborn brother and went to Social Welfare for help. Social Welfare then brought him to All Nations

umar 2 (2) umar 1 (3)

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